Slim Single Slot Cannagar Mold Set

Slim Single Slot Cannagar Mold Set


Make your own cannabis cigars with this starter kit.

The set includes:

  • One (1) slim cannagar/cigar mold with one packing slot and two curing chambers;
  • One (1) wooden packing dowel;
  • Two (2) reusable stainless steel skewers.


Non-toxic & natural
High durability


Our molds are made of 100% natural teak wood and food-grade stainless steel clamp bolts.


Designed and handcrafted in Los Angeles, California.


• Why teak? •

The unique properties of teak resists adhesion to resins, making it a natural alternative solution for those who wish to avoid contaminating their cannagars and cigars with toxic particles found in plastic or other nonstick products.
Teak is *highly durable* due to its natural resistance to pests and decay.


• User-friendly design •

+ Curing chamber design: one packing slot, plus additional slots for curing the wrapped cannagar


+ The fill trough on top acts as a funnel and allows you to get your material in the mold more efficiently in one go. No frustration, no mess, and no waste of material!


+ Has 1/8" (0.32 cm) skewer holes that will fit either stainless steel or wooden skewers.



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